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SAGE Assembly

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SAGE Electronics L.L.C. is a rural Wyoming company providing quality through hole assembly of electronic products.  Previously operated as SAGE Assembly in Colorado, the company moved to Wyoming in 2002 and is continuing its 30 year history of providing quality contract manufacturing.

Our procurement services can help save you money especially on those small production quantities.  Our long relationship with our vendors as well as the purchase of higher volumes of parts allow us to provide better pricing than just single purchases.

Need engineering services ?  In electronics from simple schematic entry and printed circuit board artwork to full product design and development we are there for you.  We can also work with you in designing and producing certain plastic parts such as housings for final assembly.

Need engineering services ?  In mechanical 3D designs and models through Autodesk Inventor and associated drawings, BOMs, and all other necessary documentation to make your designs into reality we are there for you.  We can also provide 3D printing services for prototyping.

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